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I took our cat to AVC emergency care Manchester NH. I must acknowledge the staff and vets were very nice and considerate, considering what since transpired.

Our cat was experiencing stomach contractions and not eating. They did complete blood work and two x rays. They came back saying impacted anal gland and constipated. They kept her overnight, gave her an antibiotic, I had it formulated in a liquid at the pharmacy to give it to her.

She weighed 6 pounds when we brought her in then gained almost two pounds when we brought her to our local vet for a check up. She then started coughing and runny eye, she had never been out of the house. AVC stated when I called it could be do to a mutant virus. She then was given a different antibiotic doxycycline.

Unfortunately this couldn't be made into a liquid, then she stopped eating, they said it was probably because of the taste of the antibiotic, first I heard of this. I took her back she wasn't appearing to be getting much better they wanted to do another chest x-ray after one was already done and almost $1000.00 at that point. They then said after review she had pneumonia and needed to continue with the antibiotic. I took her home still not eating, thinking as they said she associated the medicine with her food.

They then said don't give the antibiotic because she needed to eat first. Then I found out, not only did the antibiotic effect her eating. AVC never mentioned the pneumonia also suppressed there eating which I found out online. They then said they could give her a stimulant and it seemed to help, but it was only for every other day.

I then called to see if I could give it everyday, they said no but they had one you could. You would think knowing she had the situation not eating the food with the antibiotic. Combined with diminished appetite with pneumonia, they would have told me this without making the cat more sickly. When I called and expressed my frustration with how this and the events transpired, I asked for a manager to call.

The owner did and said after review of the x-rays which they already had. She said she believed she had lung cancer. I asked how she could come to this conclusion after already having the same information before them. She stated she have made progress by now.

I had stopped the antibiotic as instructed because of the cat not eating. So she wasn't even on it for the recommended time three weeks plus for phenomena. I was furious not only did I spend almost $1500.00, time, fluids and dropper feeding, combined with stress to the cat and myself. She stated she only had 5 minutes to talk.

I thought this was so crass and cold. She stated she would call back and never did. She nor her husband and business partner didn't even return A call. I could have and should have been told and directed as to the best care and options to address her comfort and care.

Considering the cat had never been out of the house and only got pneumonia after being there overnight. I was also told another cat had pneumonia that had been ok the night before.

This has been an unfortunate situation that was only made worse in the way it was handled unfortunately our cat died. I would never bring a pet to AVC In Manchester or Concord Nh.

Review about: Advanced Veterinary Care Of New Hampshire Pet Medical Service.

Reason of review: Lack of follow up and callus responce.

I didn't like: Misinformation or lack of compassion from the owner.

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Derry, New Hampshire, United States #1263385

They are not board certified and don't have to tell you I guess it's up to us to find out. I don't know how they can be in the medical field an not have to be board certified!!! I learn the lesson the hard way my dog died at there hands from something very minor that they do everyday on other pets my baby is gone they sent me an apology letter.(nice)!!!

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